fujiyama girls at mondo bizzarro gallery

i’m showing 7 drawings at mondo bizzarro gallery in rome, italy with junko mizuno and makiko sugawa.  it started in december and ends on janurary 23.  the title of the show is ‘fujiyama girls/new sexy art from japan’.  i’m not sure if my drawings are sexy, but that’s okay.

if you’re around in rome this month, please stop by at the gallery.

it is one of my dreams to go visit rome.  my drawings went ahead to make that dream come true.  all i have to do now is to bring my body there in the near future.

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  1. Alex Tse’s avatar

    Hi Yuka,

    I am doing a presentation of your art in my art class. My friends will be so amazed!

    I noticed that you toured extensively in 2007-8. How do you get yourself featured in all these galleries? Do the curators contact you and ask you for a show or do you send art to the curators to see if they like it?

    Thank you so much Yuka!

  2. kaiori’s avatar

    Thanks for your email reply! Hope your family is having a grand time<3

  3. Manuel’s avatar

    I like your drawing, and congratulations for the event. And yes, they are sexy drawings.


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