art recipe :: winter blues

this winter is way too long, too cold and too slow…  i used to joke about how cold it gets in saskatoon, but not any more.  it’s not funny.  when the temperature drops to -30 and even lower, your brain gets frozen too.  it’s a fact.  the upside is, though, it’s sunny most of time.  it is beautiful.  and you will get tougher.  when it’s sunny and no wind, i’m okay until it hits -25 or so.  but this winter is so long nonetheless.

i’m stuck in the house.  i might as well being creative.  no pouting allowed.

what should she be riding on…?

a turtle, of course.

what does a turtle look like?

mine doesn’t look like the one on the computer, but that’s okay.  my turtle is braver and creepier.

it’s almost done…

(color pencils, sumi ink, paper)

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  1. Ester’s avatar

    Genial ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    Tienes un sentido del color maravilloso

  2. Mike’s avatar

    This piece looks great. I love the detail in the turtle’s body and shell.

  3. al3ab games’s avatar

    nice , thank you

  4. ET’s avatar

    OMG! I just discovered you. You’re brilliant, a genius.


  5. Apartments In Trivandrum’s avatar

    Great work……..A cute turtle indeed

  6. Bob's Viral Video’s avatar

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