discovery of womanhood

one year of my maternity/mental leave is over.  i’m back in drawing again.

11 x 14″, color pencils on paper.

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  1. Craig’s avatar

    Please blog your new stuff, it would be magic!

  2. Alex Tse’s avatar

    What Craig said :)

  3. Elengem’s avatar

    I enjoyed the above piece with the tiger and the girl. I think the softer colors are like those that are used in older traditional Asian art pieces. There is something peaceful about this picture because of the smile on the girls face, and the tigers human-like face.

  4. D’s avatar

    Die fucking spammer

  5. ÉM’s avatar

    I would like to contact you, but your “contact” section don’t leave any email adress or anything… How can I do!!


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