“actually, i have colourful personality”

colour pencils on paper, 11 x 14″, 2011.

drawn at the kitchen table while koyuki kept coming back to me with a piece of mini orange to peel it for her even though she didn’t eat it.  i guess she just wanted to see inside or see me peel it.  that’s okay with me.  her curiosity inspires me.

this drawings will be for sale at Winter Wonder Handmade Market (flock and gather event) next weekend.  if you’re around in saskatoon, come check it out.  there will be tons of talented artists and crafters, who will be selling amazing works.

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  1. Alex’s avatar

    koyuki is almost a year old! this new drawing is beautiful

  2. Jano’s avatar

    Esta mañana en mi trabajo decidí buscar algo que inspire mis neuronas y por casualidad me encuentro con tu trabajo que deslumbra mis sentidos, al parecer tienes esa capacidad de urgar en lo extraño para sacar las emociones que entrega la vida. En fin saludos y me encantó tu trabajo, si vienes a Valparaíso/ Chile, algún día avisame y te recibo de la mejor forma que pueda.

  3. Stephanie’s avatar

    I enjoy this drawing very much. I hope you make it to San Francisco sometime!

  4. D’s avatar

    Die fucking spammer

  5. Nikki’s avatar

    I LOVE your art! This one is really cool. The way things are all spliced together is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tamarra’s avatar

    Hi, I have seen your artwork many years ago and could never remember your name until recently when I happened upon the store Unreal City in downtown Saskatoon on 2nd Ave and saw some of your work! I was just wondering if you have any artwork for sale, as the shop link does not seem to be working on this website.



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