osechi 2: pirikara-konnyaku, tataki gobo, and kobumaki (recipes)

most recipes for osechi ryori (traditional japanese new year’s dishes) make enough to feed a family of four for three days. my family is only two people (paul and i) so far, so i didn’t want to make too much. we were just planning to eat osechi ryori for one day, because we can never … Continue reading “osechi 2: pirikara-konnyaku, tataki gobo, and kobumaki (recipes)”

osechi ryori 1: chikuzen-ni

among the other osechi dishes, chikuzen-ni is one of my favorites. first of all, it’s good for you. it’s full of fiber. it contains gobo (burdock), renkon (lotus root) and konnyaku. second, it’s delicious. my mom makes killer chikuzen-ni. i tried last year too, but it turned out only okay. i probably didn’t cook it … Continue reading “osechi ryori 1: chikuzen-ni”

setsubun in canada

february 3rd was setsubun. on this day in japan, people throw soybeans to get rid of oni (demon) and eat uncut maki-zushi. people also dress up as oni by wearing an oni mask. last year, i made my oni debut in a homemade mask. the oni mask i made was quite crappy, but at least … Continue reading “setsubun in canada”

happy new year 2007!

happy new year, everyone! i hope your 2007 is filled with joy and excitement :) these are two happy boiled eggs that i peeled and dyed pink. i sliced off part of the tip and added happy faces, using black sesame seeds for the eyes and food colouring for the mouths. i got the idea … Continue reading “happy new year 2007!”

omisoka – new year’s eve meal (toshi-koshi soba)

in japan, the last day of year is called “omisoka” – new year’s eve. usually people spend the time preparing our traditional new year’s meal (“osechi ryouri“) and cleaning the entire house (“osouji”, meaning literally “big cleaning”). when i was growing up, my mom was in charge of cooking and my dad was in charge … Continue reading “omisoka – new year’s eve meal (toshi-koshi soba)”