happy new year 2011!

happy new year everyone!  i hope everyone has a wonderful and inspirational year.

my year started with full with joy and laughter.  my kids are growing healthy and lovely. I’ve been enjoying mental maternity leave. i feel recharged.

paul played me this song the other day.  this year is going to be smooth and silky like this.

“the gaudy side of town” by gayngs

hisaishi joe :: kaze no toori michi

from ‘my neighbour totoro’. elijah’s favorite characters are mei-chan and makkuro-kurosuke.

he goes ::
“makkuro-kurosuke, deteoide! denaito medama wo hojikuruzo~!”
(come out, makkuro-kurosuke. or we’ll spoon out your eye balls~!”)

you’d be able to hear him from another planet.

hisaishi joe

today’s elijah :: ‘go canada, go!’

elijah’s cheer didn’t reach to the canadian junior hockey team.

canada lost the gold medal to usa in the world junior hockey championship final last night. the final took place in saskatoon. it would’ve been exciting if they won…

meanwhile, ‘go canada, go!’ turned into elijah’s rock concert…