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it was probably not a good idea to go on a bicycle ride yesterday — it was sunny, but cool and very windy.  we wanted to try out our chariot, the bike carrier, for the first time this summer.

now elijah and i have a cold.

his nose was running and i was coughing all afternoon today.  elijah noticed that i wasn’t feeling well.

he asked me ::

イライジャ 「ママ、どうしたの?どうした?」

ママ 「ママ、ちょっと、喉が痛いよ」

イライジャ 「チューしてあげる」


イライジャ 「もう大丈夫になった?」

ママ 「もう大丈夫だよ」

elijah: “what’s the matter, mama?  what’s the matter?”

mama: “my throat hurts a bit, mama.”

elijah: “(i’ll) give you a kiss.”

(gives me a kiss on my throat and pets me)

elijah: “has (it) got better now?”

mama: “i’m okay now.”

he was super-sweet and i didn’t want to miss this sweet opportunity.

so i asked him ::

ママ 「ママ、目も痛いよ。チューしてください。」

イライジャ (チュッ)

ママ 「右のほっぺも痛いです。」

イライジャ (チュッ)

ママ 「左も」

イライジャ (笑って) 「痛くないよ~。もう、大丈夫だよ~。」


mama: “mama, my eyes hurt, too.  please give me a kiss”

elijah: (kiss)

mama: “my right cheek hurts too”

elijah: (kiss)

mama “left one, too”

elijah: (laugh) “(it) doesn’t hurt!  (you’re) all right now.”

(ran away, laughing)

once in awhile, having a cold isn’t too bad.

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this is elijah’s favorite video at the moment. he asks ‘motto! (more)’ even before it ends. we end up watching again and again. when i finally stop the video, he sheds actual tears and says ‘mata miru~! (watch again!)’. tough luck. ‘mata’ comes tomorrow.

elijah likes this video so much but i don’t want to show it too often. so i sing the short version of the melody to him and say ‘bus stop’ in a dark and low voice. he asks me to sing it again and again so i sing it to him again and again.

elijah loves watching the buses go past our window every day. i take him on bus rides from time to time, mostly just for fun. he is so happy and enthusiastic waiting for the bus even when it’s minus 25. he goes ‘basu, mada kana? (bus, not yet)… ah~!!! kita kita kita kita! (here it comes! comes comes comes!).”  if a school bus drives by he says ‘icchatta… (it’s gone…).’  when a tow truck drives past he says ‘oh~!!! TOW TRUCK!’.

minus 25 feels like plus 25.

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stunning short film made by students at ESMA school of the arts, in montpellier, france. it won the school’s top prize for student film.

i don’t usually like 3D computer animation, but this is beautiful. and even more, i like the 2D side-to-side animation style during the storytelling.

the story is based on an apache myth, about a time when the sky was too low and men had to walk bent over, looking down at their feet. an elder of the tribe sits around the campfire with the children and tells them this story. his voice is so warm and interesting, you’ll want to watch right to the end to see how the story turns out.

the whole thing is absolutely beautiful, like something by miyazaki hayao. it’s going to be my favorite for a long time.

(via the always amazing DeK at ticklebooth)

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“A stop motion animation with ping pong balls, 2000 pictures, 500 balls and my hands”. Includes versions of classic video games.

Music: “Popcorn” by Hot Butter

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thankfully, my labour and delivery didn’t turn out like this:

deerhoof :: “kidz are so small”, music video by animator alex fellows.

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the video for fujiya & miyagi’s song “collarbone” uses animated child-style crayon drawings. there’s a soccer game and some friendly animals, but then everything turns… violent. i didn’t see that coming!

fujiya & miyagi are from england, even though their name is japanese. they do krautrock stereolab groove music. i really like this song…

i posted this to videosift but it didn’t get enough votes…

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tezuka osamu is the japanese animator known as the “father of anime”. i grew up watching his work, including “ribon no kishi” (princess knight), “fushigi na merumo chan” (marvelous melmo), and of course “tetsuwan atomu” (astro boy).

in general, i hate anime. i don’t own any manga comics. i just don’t like the style of japanese animation that’s most famous in the west — what people call “japanimation”, with the superbig eyes and supercute faces. i think it’s creepy, in a bad way. people often assume that i’m an anime fan, maybe because i’m japanese and i draw, but i really never pay attention to it.

tezuka osamu created the style with big eyes and cute faces, but somehow i still like his work. maybe it’s nostalgia, but i think his drawings are more beautiful and gracious than the style of the recent anime i’ve seen. my favorite work of his is a manga, “black jack“, which i read as a high school student.

“memory” is an animated short that uses a mixture of drawn animation and cut-out images. none of it looks like anime. you might be surprised by the style — but it looks really cool. the story is insightful about the psychology of memory of individuals and a culture. i like the idea that futuristic people will have a very different idea about us (our “toilet culture”) than we do.

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audio and video by oliver laric.

he also does the dancing.

i like his electro bollywood music.

paul found this and we posted it to videosift.

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scene from “the royal tenenbaums”, directed by wes anderson.

it’s a great “time stands still when i look at you” moment.

i watch this movie over and over again.

city lights” written by, directed by and starring charlie chaplin.

i used to watch chaplin’s films on late night tv in japan. this is my favorite chaplin film, especially this scene.

he falls in love with a poor blind flower girl who mistakes him for a millionaire. he pretends to be a millionaire and raises money to pay for an operation to restore her sight. this is the final scene where the flower girl can finally see again. she recognizes him by the touch of his hand.

once you find your true love, you’re going to want to do a lot of kissing.

bill plympton‘s animation shows many useful techniques for how to kiss.

have a happy valentine’s day♥

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