pencil drawing for neojaponisme

jean snow, a canadian writer based in tokyo, invited me to contribute a drawing for a website called neojaponisme. he suggested i try to use the same colour scheme as neojaponisme — red, black and grey. but he was kind to say that i could use my usual style if those colours didn’t suit my work.

i was happy for the suggestion, because i’ve been wanting to do something new. when i started drawing, i did a lot of line drawings using ballpoint pens. these days i do most of my work with colour pencils, gradually adding details and shading and only using my line drawing technique to vaguely outline figure before i start colouring.

so it was a nice brainstorming project to put my usual colour pencil technique away for awhile. i enjoyed working with a pencil again. i quite like the grey colours of graphite and the nuances that can be added by that smudging.

to add a little red to the black and white of my pencil drawing, i gave one balloon head a nosebleed. truth is, it’s a carrot stain from elijah’s lunch. he likes to feed himself these days — he gets annoyed if i try to do it all for him. when he uses his fingers, he’s very accurate and doesn’t miss much. but when he uses a spoon, food ends up all over the place — on the floor, and on his clothes, and in my hair and in this case, on my drawing. carrots flew through the air from elijah’s spoon and magically landed right on the balloon head. i like it — i think it’s very natural. so i didn’t erase it.

the colour of the carrots/nosebleed was more like orange than red. so i used photoshop to color that part, to fit with the style at neojaponisme.

(title :: simple minded)

there you are! (art recipe 2)

(click the image to view close up)

this is where you’ve been hiding.
love is sometime hiding in a tricky place.

yay! finally i can add my drawing to ‘art recipe‘ group on flickr. the giraffe drawing that i started last night finally completed this afternoon. i must say that i really enjoyed drawing this giraffe. this is my first time to draw giraffe in any form. this grotesque giraffe hits my laughing spot. the key point was to think myself as a giraffe while i was drawing. this way, i was able to colour the giraffe as if i were putting makeup on my face. it felt good.

i’ll take part in an event called “broadway art encounter” on june 2nd and june 3rd. this is an event presented by broadway business improvement district in saskatoon. This two day art walk takes art out of the gallery and features it in the everday. the stores on broadway avenue will become galleries. my works will be shown at Broadway Shoe Repair, 636 Broadway Avenue. (the owner, al is a super nice man and he carries fantastic Birkenstock sandals and Blundstone Boots from Australia.)

i’ll be showing some of my new works including this giraffe one. so come on down to broadway avenue. enjoy art and shopping for summer!


i moved my desk by the window. i like it this way.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, and postcards, available in my SHOP.