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dear elijah,

your mama is still horrified by the idea of putting her hand into a beheaded and skinned dead bird. so there will be no turkey dinner for you this year.

as a compromise, your mama asked santa to give her a super power to make ‘maximum team power duck headgear’ free hand. she had been thinking about how to make this headgear since you were still in her body. in her mind, ‘beheaded’ and ‘bird’ parts are all covered. so it’s basically the same thing.

i hope this headgear will keep your head warm all winter and you find it somewhat festive. it’s a festivus for the rest of us.

best wishes,


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the japanese text says, “what are you doing? dog eat dog?” in kansai dialect.

it’s hard to be a girl with a fish-hand sometimes…

another drawing from my show in regina this summer.

this drawing will be included for sale on my online shop…

…opening monday!

UPDATE: you can buy this drawing from my SHOP.

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the japanese text says, “you know what? you smell a bit fishy…” in kansai dialect, which is the standard japanese… to me :P

i drew this for my show in regina. it will be included for sale on my online shop.

UPDATE: you can buy this drawing from my SHOP.

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(click image to enlarge)

my online shop is nearly ready to open. paul has been working hard on the design. i chose the blue — my favorite color. paul’s going to redesign this blog to match, eventually.

i was hoping to have it open this weekend, but it took longer because paul decided to switch software for the shop. the first version was OSCommerce, but now it’s Zen Cart. the new version is much nicer, so i think it’s worth the wait.

we’re planning to have the catalogue finished in the next week or so, and we’ll be asking a few friends to help test the site. so far, it’s working well.

i’ve got a few new things that will be featured in the shop when it opens. i’ll be putting some of them up here this week. i’m also making some maximum team power ducks, both normal style and decapitated.

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i thought…

(click to enlarge the image)

…you were my friend…

colour pencil drawing on paper (9 x 12″). this original drawing will be for sale on my online shop. the writing on the left says the same thing in japanese. it’s written in the real japanese: kansai dialect.

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(click the image to view the close up)

the fringe festival has begun! from august 3rd to 13th, there’ll be performances, shops with original art and lots of fun. i’ll be busking on broadway avenue again this year. i don’t have many tricks to show you, but i’ll be showing some prints and small originals and they’ll be for sale. i’ll bring the spencer book too :)

my two original drawings (the one above and this) are shown at off broadway theater for fringe optix exhibition. they’re both for sale. there’ll be more of beautiful artworks by local artists. so go check it out.

last year, i was busking for the first time. it was just a month after paul and i moved to saskatoon. i didn’t know anybody. so it was nice to meet new people. i met many talented artists. it was tamara bond who dropped by at my booth, suggesting to contact phonographique for a show. i also met felt birds! (their fashion is awesome. i’m looking forward to seeing their new works.) i met so many friendly locals that i felt like i was already a part of the community. it was so much fun. it looks like there’ll be a lot of talented local artists again this year. so come on down to broadway avenue and have fun!

street busker
weekdays: 6pm ~ 10:30pm
weekends (incl. holiday monday): noon ~ 10:30pm

fringe optix~ the visual art exhibition
gallery: The Off Broadway Arts Centre – Lower Floor
hours 1pm – 9pm
opening saturday, aug 5th @7:30

*i’ll start busking tomorrow night.

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well then,

(click the image to view close up)

i use my blood.


UPDATE: you can buy this drawing from my SHOP.


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can’t get rid of my headache…

unlike this poor duck, i rarely suffer from headache. only heartache.

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colour pencils and paper*mate ballpoint pen on manila envelope.

i drew this on the street when i was selling stuff at the fringe festivals last summer in saskatoon.
i ran out of paper and all i had were the envelopes. so i used them.

it was strange to watch the flood of people passing by.
and i was just sitting still.

maybe that’s what people see before they die.


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keep an eye on your buddies…

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