“actually, i have colourful personality”

colour pencils on paper, 11 x 14″, 2011.

drawn at the kitchen table while koyuki kept coming back to me with a piece of mini orange to peel it for her even though she didn’t eat it.  i guess she just wanted to see inside or see me peel it.  that’s okay with me.  her curiosity inspires me.

this drawings will be for sale at Winter Wonder Handmade Market (flock and gather event) next weekend.  if you’re around in saskatoon, come check it out.  there will be tons of talented artists and crafters, who will be selling amazing works.

petit book :: spencer, the ennui dog

i’ve made a pocket version of my amigurumi storybook, ‘the boring life of spencer, the ennui dog’.  it’s a children’s story for adults, with love, adventure, a 3-headed duck and a little backstabbing.  it’s available now in my online shop.  and i’ll be showing it at the fringe festival here in saskatoon, starting tonight.

back in 2006 i was invited to take part in an art book fair at aka gallery in saskatoon.  i’d just started this blog.  my first solo show of drawings was opening soon and i was still drawing for that show.  the art book fair was scheduled just a week after my show opening.  i didn’t have a book of drawings, or any other book to show.  but i wanted to take part, so of course i said ‘yes’.

i’d already been making a few amigurumi animals, but i didn’t have a story.  so i sat down a couple of nights after my show opening and wrote a story.  i spent a couple of days going around town taking photos with my amigurumi (it was super-cold, some of the “special effects” were hard to get right, i had to go to value village to find a pink jeep for the big ending).  paul and i stayed up late one night to do the layout and i got it printed the next day, at an office printing shop.  i bolted the pages together and took it right to the art book fair.

everyone seemed to really enjoy the spencer book.  that summer i brought it to the fringe festival and people were lining up in front of my table to read it, bringing their friends over.  i thought about getting it printed professionally but it seemed like too much trouble.  i always meant to make a smaller, affordable version of the book, but life kept getting busier and that never happened.  i did design a set of ‘spencer’ postcards that i’ve been showing at the fringe festival and selling in my online shop.  and the 3-headed maximum team power duck doll who played the bad guy in the book, made an appearance as part of a show i did at the mendel art gallery.

well, now i’ve finally made a mini-version of the spencer book that you can buy and take home with you.  it’s roughly 4 x 6 inches in size, so you can carry it in your pocket.  just take it out and read it when you need a little laugh. or you can come to my blog and read the whole story here. click the thumbnails to view the pages at full size or click the link below to launch a slideshow.

[nggallery id=spencerbook]

i’m taking part in the saskatoon fringe festival again this year, starting tonight until august 8th.  it’ll be the 4th time i’ve showed there in 5 years.  i’ll be selling this petit spencer book as well as my prints and postcards.  come on down to broadway avenue to meet me.  i’m planning to attend as many days as i can.  i’ll probably have elijah with me for some of the time, since he’s having a very emotional separation anxiety these days.

hope to see you there!

untitled love project book release


the untitled love project book has finally been released by ISM.  i took part in phase 4 of this project. this drawing is titled ‘soul pumping’.

there is a book release party + artist signing at the cerasoli : lebasse gallery tonight.

to buy the book (US$4.95), please visit ISM website.

After two years of exhibitions, interviews and editing the ISM: Untitled Love Project book is finally finished.

We will be celebrating with a book release party + artist signing at the Cerasoli : LeBasse Gallery on Saturday, December 13th, 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

The untitled LOVE project is an emotionally influenced experiment examining the broken heart. Each individual artist revisited a past relationship through their medium.

The book features each original artistic expression accompanied with interviews, short stories, or journal entries regarding the story behind the conceptual recollection.

Allison Sommers. Amy Sol. Angelina Wrona. Anthony Clarkson. Aaron Jasinski. Audrey Kawasaki. Bradford J Salamon. Brandon Francis. Brian M Viveros. Brianne Drouhard. Camilla d’Errico. Camilla Engman. Candace Metzger. Caro. Carrie Ann Baade. Casey O’Connell. Chris Ryniak. Courtney O’Quist. Crystal Yin. Dave Chung. Dave Pressler. Dennis Hayes. Elesavet Lawson. Erik Abel. Erik Siador. Grace Chee. Haubs. J Shea. Jarrod Eastman. Jen Tong. Jeni Yang. Jesse Hotchkiss. Josh Hart. Joshua Clay. Julie Lee. Justin DeGarmo. Katy Horan. Kelly Vivanco. Ken Garduno. Kenneth LaValle. Kmndz. Kris Lewis. Kristyn Dors. Leanne Biank. Lizz Lopez. Lori Escobar. Matt Dangler. Melanie Moore. Melissa A Contreras. M Mararian’s Inky Dreadfuls. Munk One. Nekoshowgun. Nicolette Davenport. P Williams. Patrick Ballesteros. PJ Fidler. Rachel Schmidhofer. Ron Velasco. Ronald J Llanos. Sanithna Phansavanh. Sarah Joncas. Scott Altmann. Scott Chenoweth. Sheesh. Suzanne Clements. The Dead Beatnik. Tony Philippou. Yuka Yamaguchi. Yukari Nishi.

2h. Alexis Mackenzie. Alison Casson. Anders K Iden. Andrew Hem. Brian Kesling. Catia Chien. Dan Ah Kim. Daniel Fleres. Daniel St George. Edwin Ushiro. Gabe Leonard. Jesse Kerr. Jimmy Bleyer. Jon Todd. Katherine Chiu. Kristian Olson. Lilly Piri. Marco Zamora. Marie Barr. Matthew Feyld. Mike Stilkey. Pamela Henderson. Rad Sechrist. Rich Tuzon. Rob Kruse. Scott Barry. Scott Saw. Seizer. Timothy Karpinski. Tuan Vutran. Tommii Lim. Victor Marquez. Zoso.

Gallery I: Evan B. Harris ‘Maritime & Mythology’
Gallery II: ‘Gifted’ Group show featuring small works of 12″ x 12″

Cerasoli : LaBasse Gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

fall show at douglas udell gallery

(’20/20′, 2006)

tonight is an opening of a group show at douglas udell gallery in edmonton.  i’m showing the drawing above and 6 other drawings.  i was planning to go to the opening reception, but i’ve been sick and now elijah got sick as well.  so we won’t be able to go.  but if you are around in edmonton, please go to the opening and see the show!

the show will be travelling across canada.  the next stop will be at the douglas udell gallery in vancouver, opening saturday, september 27th.  after that, my drawings will be shown at the toronto international art fair (oct 2 – 6).  this is the first time these drawings have been shown outside of saskatoon, so i’m very excited.

the other six drawings i’m showing are:

chicken breasts

bird eat bird

under the sun

the great escape



the are some of my precious old favorite drawings, finally for sale.  if you’re interested in buying one, please contact the gallery.

Douglas Udell Gallery

10332-124 street
ph: 780-488-4445
Tue-Sat 9:30-5:30 and by appointment

1558 West 6th Avenue
ph: 604-736-8900
Tue-Sat 10:00-6:00 and by appointment

the affordable art fair in new york city

“calcium keeps me calm”, color pencils on paper, 2005

i’m showing these two drawings at affordable art fair in new york city. they will be represented by mauger modern gallery in UK.

“drain your brain”, color pencils on paper, 2006

the show is from june 12 to 15. there will be a preview cocktail party on june 11. if you are around in new york during that time, please drop by and enjoy!

oh, the drawings are for sale.

The Affordable Art Fair New York City

June 12 – june 15

Visitor Information

Where: The Altman Building / Metropolitan Pavilion
135 West 18th Street, NYC

When: Private Preview Cocktail Reception, June 11th, 2008
Open to public, June 12th – 15th, 2008

Press: June 11th, 5-6pm

Fair Hours:

Wed June 11, 6pm – 9pm
    Private Preview Cocktail Reception
Thu June 12, 12pm – 9pm
Fri June 13, 12pm – 8pm
Sat June 14, 12pm – 8pm
Sun June 15, 12pm – 5pm

Please note that there will be no admission to the fair 20 minutes prior to closing.
General Admission $17/day
Students and Seniors $12/day
Group discount rates $10/day
Children under 12 FREE

Father’s Day, Sun, June 15th
Father’s get in free with their children

Private Preview

wednesday, June 11, 2008, 6-9pm

Please join us on opening night for our Private Preview Cocktail Reception and be among the first to preview AAF NYC 2008.
Free drinks will be served.

Advance tickets are available for purchase at a discounted rate of $25.00 for one or $40.00 for two.

To purchase tickets, please call 212 255 2003 or email info@aafnyc.com with your payment information.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door. $35.00 for one or $50.00 for two.

‘a visceral valentine’ group show

i’m showing these drawings for ‘a visceral valentine’ group show at apama mackey gallery in houston, TX. the curator, frank anthony porreco III contacted me in january and chose these two for the show. he found my drawings somewhere on the internet.

the gallery owner kindly asked me to send her extra drawings in case someone wants to see more of my drawings. so i sent her aibiki and tokimeki. they might not be displayed in the show, but they are also available for sale.

this is my first time showing my drawings in houston. the opening is today from 6 – 9 pm. if you are in houston during the show, please go take a look and have a good time!

Apama Mackey gallery in collaboration with Porreco Productions presents:

A Visceral Valentine
A group exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture curated by Frank Anthony Porreco III.

Featuring work by: Marcus Adams, Lisa Alisa, Rene Cruz, Sean Flournoy, Derek Hess, Wyatt Nash, Frank Anthony Porreco III, Carol F. Smith, Jenifer Tong, Kuro Unagi, Jason Villegas and Yuka Yamaguchi

*Due to the graphic nature of some images, this exhibition may not be suitable for all audiences.*

Saturday February 16, 2008 6-9 PM

Apama Mackey Gallery
628 E. 11th Street Houston,
Texas 77009


drawing for ‘fight for flight’ @ thinkspace gallery 3

the title is ‘kamakura‘. ‘kamakura’ is a name of a city in kanagawa prefecture and also it’s a name for a snow hut (like igloo). kamakuras are built with compacted snow. they’re very warm inside.

it’s been snowing a lot here in saskatoon. the city is covered with pure white snow – very beautiful. it’s been super cold here. it’s like – 50 Celsius, to be exact. i’d like to stay inside and drink sake on a cold snowy night like that.

this is one of the three drawings that i submitted for a group show at thinkspace gallery. it’s for sale. please contact the gallery if you’re interested in it.

Fight for Flight‘ – special benefit for API in honour of national bird day

day 1 :: january 4th, 2008 opening reception 7 -10 pm
day 2 :: january 5th 2008 special family day 12-7 pm

thinkspace gallery
4210 Santa Monica blvd. (near Sunset junction)
Los Angels, CA

here’s a look at ‘tinyshop’ show @ double punch gallery

these are some photos of ‘tinyshop‘ show at double punch gallery in san francisco. the curator, antoi calls this wall “cute wall” and my postcards are on it — yay! she displayed so nicely. i wonder where my matchboxes are…?

i wish i could go see the show… those little creatures that the artists made are so good.

i like naoshi‘s work so much!  she will be showing her works at mogra gallery in shibuya, tokyo (12/27 – 1/12).  i’m going to tokyo for my show (1/7 – 1/11) at cafe pause.  so i’m totally going to go check her out.  it looks like i missed a ‘chindogu’ show at mogra gallery…  tears.

i submitted matchboxes as well as some postcards. they are for sale.

(photos from ‘tinyshop’ blog)

Nov 21, 2007 – Jan 11, 2008
opening night: Nov 24, 2007, 6pm-9pm

double punch gallery
1821 Powell Street @ Filbert
2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94133

tinyshop info: www.tinyshop.blogspot.com

my profile page on tinyshop

drawing for ‘fight for flight’ @thinkspace gallery 1

this is one of my drawings for a special benefit for API (animal protect institute) called “fight for flight” at thinkspace gallery in LA.

the title is “lost but found”. it’s hard to see, but it says on the tag attached to my left leg, “in front of katsura station, 22h” in japanese. and on the fuurin (wind chime), it says “thank you”.

National Bird Day will take place on Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008 and we’ll be hosting a special exhibition entitled “Fight For Flight” that will have an opening reception on Fri, January 4th. The opening will be sponsored by Dewars and Grolsch and will take place from 7-11PM on Fri, Jan. 4th. There will be a special installation from P. Williams in our front room and an exhibition in our main gallery featuring over 50 artists from all across the U.S. and as far off as Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada and Scotland.

On Sat, Jan. 5th we’ll be open from noon till 6PM for further viewing of the show. We will be hosting a special coloring contest for kids taking place in our project room that afternoon to further encourage families to come through together and experience this amazing gathering of talent and hopefully walk away with some knowledge gained on our feathered friends and all things cute and furry that the API help to protect and defend.”

Fight for Flight‘ – special benefit for API in honour of national bird day

day 1 :: january 4th, 2008 opening reception 7 -10 pm
day 2 :: january 5th 2008 special family day 12-7 pm

thinkspace gallery
4210 Santa Monica blvd. (near Sunset junction)
Los Angels, CA

the ornament show :: tree trimming 2

tonight is the opening of a group show called, “the ornament show” at J Flynn gallery in costa mesa, california.

these are my ornaments. the red ones are called “severe pain pin cushions”. i created these severe pain pin cushions last year. they are the only somewhat useful toys in my useless toy collections. for one thing, they come with a wrist band. they are for sale at J Flynn gallery as well as in my online shop.

in addition to my useless toy collection, i made this “milk head-chan” (centre) for this ornament show. this is the character shows up in my matchboxes. i hand-stitched her face. i wanted to make her as ugly+cute as possible. i think this ugliness will brighten the holiday spirit even more. this is available at J Flynn gallery. please contact J Flynn gallery, if you are interested in them.


OC register’s art critic’s blog on ornaments