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dear elijah,

your mama is still horrified by the idea of putting her hand into a beheaded and skinned dead bird. so there will be no turkey dinner for you this year.

as a compromise, your mama asked santa to give her a super power to make ‘maximum team power duck headgear’ free hand. she had been thinking about how to make this headgear since you were still in her body. in her mind, ‘beheaded’ and ‘bird’ parts are all covered. so it’s basically the same thing.

i hope this headgear will keep your head warm all winter and you find it somewhat festive. it’s a festivus for the rest of us.

best wishes,


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wasting my time

i drew this in november 2004 in kingston. i really like to draw on newsprint, especially with ballpoint pens. the ink sinks in well. it gets old, wrinckled and changes colours just like me.

drawing on newsprint takes me back to my elementary school days. our monthly review tests were printed on that kind of paper and our teachers encouraged us to draw on the back our papers if we had time left over. the drawings always turned out great because we weren’t trying hard to create art but to have fun and kill time. i think that’s how you can free your mind.

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