art recipe :: winter blues

this winter is way too long, too cold and too slow…  i used to joke about how cold it gets in saskatoon, but not any more.  it’s not funny.  when the temperature drops to -30 and even lower, your brain gets frozen too.  it’s a fact.  the upside is, though, it’s sunny most of time.  it is beautiful.  and you will get tougher.  when it’s sunny and no wind, i’m okay until it hits -25 or so.  but this winter is so long nonetheless.

i’m stuck in the house.  i might as well being creative.  no pouting allowed.

what should she be riding on…?

a turtle, of course.

what does a turtle look like?

mine doesn’t look like the one on the computer, but that’s okay.  my turtle is braver and creepier.

it’s almost done…

(color pencils, sumi ink, paper)

it’s a girlllll!

paul and i are glad to announce our second-born daughter, koyuki sophia.

koyuki was born at 10:43pm on monday, july 26th.

her birth weight was 3240g.

she is now five month old. she is happy, healthy and beautiful.  koyuki is a japanese name combining the kanji ‘small’ + ‘snow’.  it means that it is snowing gently.  we wanted her to be as gentle and pure as the untouched snow.

i’ve been fortunate that she is very calm and happy.  she hardly cries.  even when she wakes up at night for feeding, she ‘talks’ like ‘uh~, uh~’ to call me.  she smiles and plays on her own happily.

i’m still a three year old parent.  i’m learning to take care of two children.  i’m lucky that she’s a good sleeper.  i used to think that the saying, ‘sleep like a baby’ is just to tease sleep deprived parents.  but now i learned that there are some babies who actually sleep!  she can sleep 8 hours straight, even 12 hours once in awhile.  i only have to nurse her once at night.  i couldn’t believe at first that she can do that.  i remember checking to see if she’s okay only to find a peaceful baby sleeping.

if and when my three and a half year old boy sleeps through the night for the first time ever, i’ll be laughing.

elijah loves koyuki so much and plays well with her.  he expresses how much he loves her by kissing and licking all over her face and putting her small fist in his mouth(why?).  he’s learning to be gentle with her.  we pretend that she can walk.  he likes to hold her hand and go for a stroll around the house.  we’re playfully amused that she can jump so high and occasionally she can fly so fast.

nowadays, she likes to observe her hands very carefully.  her eyes are glowing when she does that.  it is so fascinating to see how human beings start to make sense themselves with their bodies and the world around them.  i fail to appreciate the basic fact that my eyes can see, my mouth can talk, my legs can walk, and my hands can draw.  it’s a cliche but watching her put me back to appreciate such basics of life.

(koyuki on a lovely blanket by carole)

today’s elijah :: in love at victoria park

paul, elijah and i have been living temporarily in london, ontario since the beginning of may. it’s been so much fun living here.

if i have to choose three things that i need to live in a city, they would be…

  1. a small river
  2. parks
  3. a farmer’s market

this city has it all.

elijah and i hit a park or two everyday. there is no shortage of parks here — parks everywhere! the thames river runs through the city and there are parks all along the riverside.  the city of london is nicknamed ‘the forest city’. mature trees covers the entire city. leaves rustle, birds sing, and the sun dapples gently on your face. elijah is examining a hole in the ground with a dandelion. i feel completely refreshed!

five minutes’ walk from our apartment takes us to victoria park. elijah and i go there in the morning to check out squirrels, birds, and interesting branches and weeds.  he’s started to say a few words. he points at a bird and says ‘burr~, burr~’. i think he’s trying to say ‘bird’.

we met a cute baby girl at the park. she was 16 months old. elijah is into older women (not much choice yet). he was acting shy at first, but then he decided to make a move.

he gave her a blade of grass and a dandelion with the seeds pulled off.  but when she was tried to grab his pine cone, he started to run away.


today’s elijah :: chased by high school girl paparazzi

elijah is big in japan.  i mean it literally.  when we went back to japan over the holidays, we stayed in wakayama, kyoto and tokyo. everywhere we went, people said to us, ‘he’s so big! Soooo big!’.

elijah’s also big in canada. he’s now almost 8 months old and weighs almost 10kg.  he’s on the 90th percentile growth curve.  i can feel it in my arms — more and more muscle.

it’s been a crazy couple of weeks since we got back from japan. finally i have some time to organize photos from our trip.

here are some photos from a subway ride in kyoto.  a bunch of high school girls came up to us saying ‘kawaii, kawaii!’ to elijah. they surrounded us in the subway train and took a lot of photos of elijah with their cell phones.

one of the girls gave him a chiroru choco (a popular bite-size chocolate).  her friends teased her saying it’s too soon for a baby to eat chocolate.  she was very sweet.  she put the chocolate back in her pocket, but then she snuck it under elijah’s leg as we were getting ready to get off the train.

of course, paul and i ate the chocolate. it was the sweetest chocolate.


(click the image to view close up)

swing, swing, swing…

i wanted to draw a giraffe, but i didn’t have a photo of giraffe handy. so i used my drawing, “there you are!” as a reference. this giraffe looks different from the previous one. i can’t draw exactly the same thing twice. for flower, i drew calla lily, because it’s one of my favorite flowers.

i drew this a few weeks ago.

16 x 20″