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dear elijah,

your mama is still horrified by the idea of putting her hand into a beheaded and skinned dead bird. so there will be no turkey dinner for you this year.

as a compromise, your mama asked santa to give her a super power to make ‘maximum team power duck headgear’ free hand. she had been thinking about how to make this headgear since you were still in her body. in her mind, ‘beheaded’ and ‘bird’ parts are all covered. so it’s basically the same thing.

i hope this headgear will keep your head warm all winter and you find it somewhat festive. it’s a festivus for the rest of us.

best wishes,


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i drew this for a group show called “the christmas machine” at MFK gallery in berlin. the theme is obviously christmas. nothing more christmassy than a trout coming to town. he brought me a new set of hands.

after i drew a girl with a trunk body, i thought there was something missing. so i drew a bonsai tree growing on her trunk. whew, i feel better now.

you can see the other artists’ works on flickr. i love ‘bobi and bobi‘ and ‘toby tam‘ as always…

this drawing is for sale.  please contact galerie MFK.

The “Christmas Machine” will be an exhibit about the
iconography of Christmas. It shows the outgrowths of our
prechristmassy imagination, tells about tradition and kitsch,Joseph and Salome
and all the other things which contribute to the party of the “Incarnation of God”.

Opening: 07.12.07 – 19h
Exhibition: 08.12.07 – 22.12.07; Wds-Sa 14 – 19h

Galerie MFK

Oranienburger str. 41
10117 Berlin

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poko chan helps me to see and draw.

you can view the progress of this drawing here:

art recipe 1
art recipe 2
art recipe 3

hello to new visitors from hungary, france, russia and usa :)

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finally finished… i’m happy but my right hand is whining a little. well, it’s a tough luck to be born as a right hand attached to me. she has to work for me more and more. luckily, my left hand seems to know better…

it was a long day. i spent most of the time colouring the lobster. i found a photo of a lobster on google image. my desk is right next to my computer desk. so i was switching back and forth from my desk chair to the computer desk chair to check the colours and so on. the movement was exactly like a crab. i’m a cancerian. that explains a lot about my crabwise movement :D

i use a kneeling chair when i draw. as the ad exclaims, “sit up straight and you’ll feel great!”. i might not be as cheerful as the model on the photo when i sit on the chair, but it certainly helps especially when i draw for a looooong time.

UPDATE: you can buy a postcard of this drawing from my SHOP.

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you suck

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you as in ‘yuka’.

freshly drawn on this sunny saturday morning.


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