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i lived on the moon

a very beautiful trip into pure imagination, by yannick puig. this is a music video for kwoon.

In “I lived on the moon”, a father speaks to his son. He explains how was his life on the moon. A place filled with flying snakes, fireflies and three tailed monkeys. A beautiful place, safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place in which you’ll find the entrance only if you open your mind.

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i have no idea what this is.
in japanese, “creation (創造)” and “imagination (想像)” are pronounced the same way: “souzou”.

i like this, so maybe i’ll show it at my spring show in saskatoon.

i drew this around new year’s day. this was my first drawing for 2007.

this drawing’s art recipe 1
this drawing’s art recipe 2

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