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it was probably not a good idea to go on a bicycle ride yesterday — it was sunny, but cool and very windy.  we wanted to try out our chariot, the bike carrier, for the first time this summer.

now elijah and i have a cold.

his nose was running and i was coughing all afternoon today.  elijah noticed that i wasn’t feeling well.

he asked me ::

イライジャ 「ママ、どうしたの?どうした?」

ママ 「ママ、ちょっと、喉が痛いよ」

イライジャ 「チューしてあげる」


イライジャ 「もう大丈夫になった?」

ママ 「もう大丈夫だよ」

elijah: “what’s the matter, mama?  what’s the matter?”

mama: “my throat hurts a bit, mama.”

elijah: “(i’ll) give you a kiss.”

(gives me a kiss on my throat and pets me)

elijah: “has (it) got better now?”

mama: “i’m okay now.”

he was super-sweet and i didn’t want to miss this sweet opportunity.

so i asked him ::

ママ 「ママ、目も痛いよ。チューしてください。」

イライジャ (チュッ)

ママ 「右のほっぺも痛いです。」

イライジャ (チュッ)

ママ 「左も」

イライジャ (笑って) 「痛くないよ~。もう、大丈夫だよ~。」


mama: “mama, my eyes hurt, too.  please give me a kiss”

elijah: (kiss)

mama: “my right cheek hurts too”

elijah: (kiss)

mama “left one, too”

elijah: (laugh) “(it) doesn’t hurt!  (you’re) all right now.”

(ran away, laughing)

once in awhile, having a cold isn’t too bad.

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scene from “the royal tenenbaums”, directed by wes anderson.

it’s a great “time stands still when i look at you” moment.

i watch this movie over and over again.

city lights” written by, directed by and starring charlie chaplin.

i used to watch chaplin’s films on late night tv in japan. this is my favorite chaplin film, especially this scene.

he falls in love with a poor blind flower girl who mistakes him for a millionaire. he pretends to be a millionaire and raises money to pay for an operation to restore her sight. this is the final scene where the flower girl can finally see again. she recognizes him by the touch of his hand.

once you find your true love, you’re going to want to do a lot of kissing.

bill plympton‘s animation shows many useful techniques for how to kiss.

have a happy valentine’s day♥

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(click to enlarge)

this is my amigurumi wrist band. isn’t he adorable? he is so cute that he makes me want to kiss him. i’ve been crocheting on and off for three years now. i still don’t like to add amigurumi arms and legs. i think they are unnecessary features.

when you are lonely, just move your arm up and down to your lips. you’ll get instant comfort.

make sure noboby’s watching you.

this is a maximum secret activity.

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