wonderful life

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subarashii means “wonderful” and inochi means “life” in english.

when i took this photo, i was holding three doctor dolls with my left hand and a camera with my right hand. the green in the background is a scrap cloth i got from fabricland. i didn’t care to iron it. that’s why it has fold lines. i thought that was a nice effect.


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i took these photos in kingston. red back ground is an ikea chair. it had a nice grainy red cover. i was holding a spoon with my left hand while i was taking photos. the head fitted perfectly to the spoon. it looked delicious. “don’t eat me” one was kind of an accident – a happy accident. i was moving the spoon and the head moved at the same time. he looked real shy, which i like.

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secret meeting, 2 am

secret meeting 2 am
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“every object has a soul. they can’t talk but they can feel. if you speak to them wordlessly, they understand.”

that’s what my grandmother used to tell me.

these dolls don’t talk. they don’t change expressions. their faces are fixed, artificial. but by varying their positions – angles and spaces, distance and depth – their feelings come to surface. the eyes start to talk. they express emotion, just for a moment.

and i wait for that moment, when i can catch what they’re trying to say. their silent language is like any other: full of everyday trivialities that conceal darker, complex truths. because they lack the protection of words, they are both more eloquent and more defenceless than we are – they reveal everything. their faces never change, so their moods are unmistakeable. and the spaces they leave between themselves are full of tension, and possibility.

voiceless; therefore powerful. silence is a weapon.

postcards of this photo are available in my online SHOP.