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oni panda

three years ago on setsubun day (february 3rd), i debuted as an oni for the first time.  this year, panda-san volunteered to become oni!  initially i tried to put the plastic oni mask onto elijah — silly me.  elijah said a definite “no!” and threw the mask away like trash, running out of the room laughing with victory.  i grabbed him and tried again but he went limp and slipped through my arms.  


i made some maki-sushi with tofu and vegetables.  elijah skillfully peeled off the nori and ate the rice and tofu.  you’re supposed to eat as many roasted soybeans as your age but they were too crunchy for him.  so i made cooked soybeans instead for easy digestion.  


“who is this man anyway?”


“ah~, panda-san!”


happy setsubun!

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“check this out, homeboy!”

B.J. The Messenger, 1987. from “stairway to stardom”

big thanks to sharpeworld for making my day.

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(click the image for close-up look)


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joy of sharing

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i’m hungry, too.

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