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the most beautiful movie ever…

i thought the tv room would be flooded by tears…

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg directed by jaques demy (1964)

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last friday was paul’s birthday.

elijah asked me to help him make a birthday card for papa.

it clearly says “happy birthday, papa”.

and it’s…


paul and i have been very busy working and doing stuff around the house. last weekend was actually our first time not to think about anything related to work for a long, long time. we played with elijah a lot, threw a birthday party for paul AND we watched movies together!! elijah seems happy just having us around. he can play on his own now. he stopped crying cold turkey.

one of the movies we got to watch on DVD was the documentary, KNOCKED UP. when i saw this in the theatre, i wasn’t able to concentrate, because i started having contractions. elijah recently confessed that he decided not to break my water until after the movie because he didn’t want to fall out on the sticky floor and get covered in popcorn. even so, he made it hard for me to watch the end of the movie, including the birth scene. so i was really watching some of it for the first time…

it’s nice to be an adult again!

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it takes us from a hotel rooftop to underwater in the pool below.

music: “i can’t keep from crying sometimes”, by the deidre wilson tabac. the music was added later (“synchronized/rescored” by someone on youtube). in the original, the sound changes when the camera goes underwater.

i am cuba” was a cuban/soviet production finally released by martin scorcese in 1995.

this shot was copied carefully by paul thomas anderson in the pool party scene in “boogie nights”.

yay! saved!

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probably my favorite movie ever is “in the mood for love”, directed by wong kar-wai. it’s subtly overwhelming. the tension, the distance … just so sexy. it’s all about mood: colour, music, clothes, food … ambiance. you can look, you can almost feel it, but you can’t touch…


2046 was publicized as the sequel for in the mood for love. as soon as i heard wong kar-wai was filming, i wanted to see it…

2046 finally came to saskatoon last fall, at the broadway theater. i wanted to go the day it opened. but we waited until cheap night (tuesday). i then discovered there is no cheap night at broadway theater (of course not, it’s broadway…).

the movie was showing at 9pm, and i was planning to get there early, to make sure we got good seats. but we were late, so we showed up right at 9. i was so worried. we bought tickets (hmm, no lineup) and ran inside.


no need to worry. no one there except us! we were at a loss. too many choices — we could sit anywhere. talk about home theater, this was it. just for fun, i sat in the front row left and paul sat in the back row right and we talked diagonally for awhile. then two guys who had been hanging out in the lobby came in. they had popcorn — how can you eat popcorn watching this sort of movie? i love popcorn, but not with a sentimental wong kar-wai movie.

paul and i met in the third row, centre and the movie began.


about this movie, i don’t really remember the story, and it doesn’t make much sense anyway. that’s okay, it’s all about the smoke and the colours and the glorious music.

the story starts after the end of “in the mood for love”. tony leung becomes a sci-fi writer in hong kong and gets involved with many women. none of his affairs last long. there’s also a futuristic story about kimura takuya (kimu-taku!) riding a train with some beautiful robots. everyone’s in love, but nobody can do anything about it.

i don’t care for the time travelling train part, but i love the parts in old hong kong. tony leung is just as sincere as in “in the mood for love”, but now he’s a bit of a gigolo (what a mustache!). all the ladies love him.

many of the shots reflect similar images from “in the mood for love” (lovers in the back seat of a taxi, passing each other on the stairs). all the women have qualities of maggie cheung’s character (image and character), but no one can be maggie cheung. tony’s still in love with her, and he’s trying to find maggie in every woman. he’s always being reminded of some aspect of her, but he can’t find all of her in someone else. so even when he’s sleeping around, his heart is still purely in love with her.


mp3: connie francis – “siboney”
buy: the dvd and the soundtrack

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