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watanabe mari

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via choggie!! from videosift.

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i lived on the moon

a very beautiful trip into pure imagination, by yannick puig. this is a music video for kwoon.

In “I lived on the moon”, a father speaks to his son. He explains how was his life on the moon. A place filled with flying snakes, fireflies and three tailed monkeys. A beautiful place, safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place in which you’ll find the entrance only if you open your mind.

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“requiem for a jerk”

From the film “Le Pacha”, directed by Georges Lautner

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“Sailors — Friends, Lovers, or Husbands”

amazing music, beautiful film.

i still can’t believe this video has only one vote on videosift… well, it should get three votes. because paul, elijah and i love it!

jacques demy
michel legrand

watch this video on videosift.

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video promo commissioned by 679 Recordings for Beggin’ (Pilooski re-edit) by frankie valli and the four seasons.

i love this tune and nice video work by cyriak! i think i’m going to sing this song in my head all day.

via maudlin from videosift.

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efterklang (“aftersound”) means reverberation. they’re a post-rock group from denmark.

this video is hypnotique…

via farhad on videosift.

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thankfully, my labour and delivery didn’t turn out like this:

deerhoof :: “kidz are so small”, music video by animator alex fellows.

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part I

part II

amazing… i especially like part I.

giovanni sollima is a cellist and post-minimalist composer. part I is his song “Terra Aria” and part II is “Concerto Rotondo”.

this video was directed by lasse gjertsen, who is famous for his homemade youtube videos, like “amateur”:

i love this — it’s a great song. he says he can’t play the piano or the drums, but he’s an amazing musician anyway, just from editing.

you can see more lasse gjertsen on videosift.

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the video for fujiya & miyagi’s song “collarbone” uses animated child-style crayon drawings. there’s a soccer game and some friendly animals, but then everything turns… violent. i didn’t see that coming!

fujiya & miyagi are from england, even though their name is japanese. they do krautrock stereolab groove music. i really like this song…

i posted this to videosift but it didn’t get enough votes…

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