indoor playground :: solo show at the stall gallery

indoor playground show poster

i’m doing a solo show at the stall gallery, a new gallery in the farmer’s market building at the river landing site in saskatoon. the opening is tonight (april 24th). the show is titled ‘indoor playground’. i’m showing more than 20 color pencil drawings, as well as 3 larger posters done in markers and a series of small drawings done in markers called ‘oppai ABCs’ (‘ABC’s of breastfeeding’).

i hope the opening will be fun for kids and kids-at-heart. DJ Charley Hustle will be performing. there will be some sweet treats for children of all ages. we’ll put out some blank paper so everyone can do some drawing together. my son elijah will be there and he’ll be doing some drawing too.

on saturday april 25th i’m doing an artist talk from 1pm-2pm in the stall gallery. you can come and ask me easy questions and i’ll try to answer. the show runs until may 24th. hope you can make it!

Indoor Playground
opening :: april 24th friday
chit-chat with me :: april 25th saturday 1~ 2pm

the Stall Gallery
105-120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone: (306)653-0800

happy new year 2007!

happy new year, everyone!

i hope your 2007 is filled with joy and excitement :)

these are two happy boiled eggs that i peeled and dyed pink. i sliced off part of the tip and added happy faces, using black sesame seeds for the eyes and food colouring for the mouths. i got the idea from a japanese website that shows how to make osechi ryori, the traditional new year’s meal. of course, pink eggs with happy faces are not traditional at all. but we like to use bright colored food for decoration on the serving dish. and red and white are the colors of good fortune for new year’s and any occasion.

the chef made these with quail eggs, but i didn’t have any so i used ordinary eggs. they sat happily on my osechi ryori plate. paul said they were too cute to eat, so they’re back in the refrigerator tonight. i might have to surgically remove their faces so we can eat the rest of the egg.

i’ll be posting pictures and recipes from more of my osechi ryori dishes this week.