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Just because the everyday objects around you don’t say much, doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling something. Maybe they’re just waiting for someone to pay attention to them, for a change.

The Rahmens are the comedy duo responsible for the “Japanese Tradition: Sushi” documentary video, which did so much to explain the truth about Japanese culture to people around the world. The Rahmens know the secret language of inanimate objects, and they can translate it into Japanese. Objects have lives that are full of pain, so there’s a lot of shouting. It’s a good thing we don’t have to listen to them all the time…

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so good. i must share it with everyone!

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it’s been decided to use a new calendar for the world.

january has 28 days.

february has 37 days.

march has 9 days.

april has 205 days.

there’s no may.

june lasts 2 hours.

except in the US, july has 3 days.

there’s no august.

nor september.

nor october.

nor november.

december has 5 days.

there’s no (the 13th month).

(the 27th month) has 7343295687 days, four hours, nine minutes and six seconds.

(the world’s longest one-day-per-page calendar)

by rahmens

also learn about japanese tradition:how to eat sushi. (true story)

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(click the image to view close up)

in japan, it is very important to follow specific instructions to master the tradition of eating sushi. otherwise, you’ll end up being turned into sushi yourself.

yes, the rules are strict. but after all, that’s the samurai way (“naruhodo, samurai no kuni desu ne”).

in my high school, there was an after-school sushi ceremony club (寿司道 = “sushido”), where we trained carefully in the art of eating sushi under our sushi-master, Kinpachi-sensei. students who didn’t follow his directions exactly were sliced carefully into sashimi with his katana sword.

outside of the formal sushi ceremony, the rules are more relaxed, especially for foreigners. but there are still many subtle cultural nuances that everyone who eats sushi should be aware of. luckily, there is now a video demonstrating (in japanese with english subtitles) the way for everyone to eat sushi.

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