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colour pencils on paper, 11 x 14″, 2011.

drawn at the kitchen table while koyuki kept coming back to me with a piece of mini orange to peel it for her even though she didn’t eat it.  i guess she just wanted to see inside or see me peel it.  that’s okay with me.  her curiosity inspires me.

this drawings will be for sale at Winter Wonder Handmade Market (flock and gather event) next weekend.  if you’re around in saskatoon, come check it out.  there will be tons of talented artists and crafters, who will be selling amazing works.

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view art recipe :: ‘nature is calling 1′

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losing my edge

this is one of the drawings for my solo show at the stall gallery.

Indoor Playground
opening :: april 24th friday
chit-chat with me :: april 25th saturday 1~ 2pm

the Stall Gallery
105-120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone: (306)653-0800

losing my edge closeup

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red rope

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it rained today, so i went for a walk. it’s easier to go for a walk in the rain because i can hide my head under my umbrella. when i got home, i drew this.

i have to erase my mouth because i have many secrets.

for one, my umbrella is actually baby blue, not red.

UPDATE: you can buy this drawing from my SHOP.

8.5 x 11″


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i love me

(click to enlarge the image)

don’t we all…?

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i’m delicious. you can take a bite of me.

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i took these photos in kingston. red back ground is an ikea chair. it had a nice grainy red cover. i was holding a spoon with my left hand while i was taking photos. the head fitted perfectly to the spoon. it looked delicious. “don’t eat me” one was kind of an accident – a happy accident. i was moving the spoon and the head moved at the same time. he looked real shy, which i like.

postcards of these images are available on my online SHOP.

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“pala pala book” means a flip book. pala pala is the sound of flipping in japanese. i always wanted to make a tiny book. the size of the book is about 6 x 6 (cm). there are 41 pages. this book is called “yuka’s doomed life / day 1″. it comes with a red cover. this series will continue in different colours as long as i’m doomed. so far, i made day 1 in red and day 2 in yellow.

to read the whole stupid story of mine, you can click the images below and the large image will show up in the lightbox. you can click the arrow on the right side of the image to flip the pages of the book. pala pala pala…

i got carried away… i made 10 more books today. it was a tedious job, but i was content. i like looking at a lot of the same tiny things in a row. the more, the better…

these pala-pala books are for sale in my online SHOP.

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no turning back now…

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