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my work in the flatlanders group show at mendel art gallery this fall was mentioned in the review of the show in galleries west magazine.   they compare my work to salvador dali and frida kahlo, two artists who i look at all the time, because i have their magnetic finger puppets on my fridge door.  elijah used to carry around salvador dali and chew on his head when he was teething.

dali in his mouth

dali in his mouth 2

dali in his mouth 3
(10 months old, april 2008)

The show veers from the enigmatic to the comic with the addition of the amusing works of Yuka Yamaguchi. “Art is like being a farmer,” she says in her artist’s statement. “I’m farming my brain and my heart to grow something. After that, it’s up to other people to cook it in different recipes and digest it for themselves.” Yamaguchi’s brain is one whimsical playhouse, and she shares more in common with painter Salvador Dali than a local grain grower…

(read more on their website)

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