“actually, i have colourful personality”

colour pencils on paper, 11 x 14″, 2011.

drawn at the kitchen table while koyuki kept coming back to me with a piece of mini orange to peel it for her even though she didn’t eat it.  i guess she just wanted to see inside or see me peel it.  that’s okay with me.  her curiosity inspires me.

this drawings will be for sale at Winter Wonder Handmade Market (flock and gather event) next weekend.  if you’re around in saskatoon, come check it out.  there will be tons of talented artists and crafters, who will be selling amazing works.

japan tsunami relief fundraiser

the saskatoon japanese association would like to announce that we will be fundraising for japan tsunami relief at the saskatoon farmer’s market on saturday march 26th and saturday april 9th.

100% of all donations will go to the japanese red cross. everyone making a donation will be given a small Japanese gift as a sign of our appreciation.

our fundraising booth will be open from 8am to 2pm, march 26th and april 9th, at the farmer’s market, 414 Avenue B south, in saskatoon.  we’ll be giving away japanese gifts such as paper crane, calligraphy and book marks etc.  i’ll be there most of the day.

i designed this poster for this cause in hopes that people will rebuild their lives and dreams with help from society and rise again.  i’d like to thank proprint for kindly printing the posters and the flyers for no charge.

hope to see you tomorrow.

today’s elijah :: school play at japanese school

elijah started to go to the japanese school here in saskatoon since september last year.  the class takes place every sunday morning for two hours.  elijah is in the preschool class and i help out as a teacher’s aide.  i make materials and do some drawings for them.

we had a school play day at the end of march.  elijah’s class did a traditional russian story called “the great big turnip“.  for this play, i painted the background image.

there are six characters in this story — grandpa, grandma, grandchild, dog, cat, and mouse.  we have 8 kids in our class, so we told them to pick the role they like and we could have two of the same character.

everyone picked a character except elijah.  at that point, all the roles were taken.  so we told him that he can be any character he wants.  so he picked…

an elephant.

「ぞうさんに、な、り、た〜い!(i want to be an elephant!!)」

he said that out loud standing on his chair.

then, he told me the day before the play that there is no elephant in the story…

too late, elijah!!

today’s elijah :: ‘go canada, go!’

elijah’s cheer didn’t reach to the canadian junior hockey team.

canada lost the gold medal to usa in the world junior hockey championship final last night. the final took place in saskatoon. it would’ve been exciting if they won…

meanwhile, ‘go canada, go!’ turned into elijah’s rock concert…

summer moments

summer in saskatoon is short.  it was even shorter this year, but it was full of memorable moments.  i remember a few::

  • elijah climbed up the monkey bars and walked across, by himself.
  • i was driving our crashed car to the body shop when the hood opened all the way up and smashed back into the windshield.  no one was hurt.
  • i came home to our house repainted with the color we chose, wondering if i’d like it.
  • elijah looking sorry after he dropped our camera on the concrete patio and broke it.
  • elijah singing ‘people on the road can turn an LOL into a great big OMG‘ — over and over.
  • a young boy bought my handmade toy at the fringe festival.  he took off.  i looked at the money he put in my palm — two dollars short.
  • elijah found a ladybug on a sidewalk.  he was so happy that i was happy.  and he stepped on it.
  • i was saying ‘whee~’ as i playfully tipped the rocking chair back and forth.  elijah who was watching me by my side tamed me “mama, ‘whee~’ shinaide.  abunai kara.” (mama, don’t do ‘whee~’.  because it’s dangerous.)
  • elijah and i picked dandelions for papa late one afternoon.  he held them tight in his palm until he got home.  he gave them to papa.  papa gave him a big hug.
  • elijah ate a whole watermelon in one day, by himself.

i hope your summer is full of beautiful moments…

take my heart away

take my heart away

take my heart away-crop1

as you can see, i’m fishing…

take my heart away-crop2

for my right hand…

wait a minute!  is that a left hand?! obviously i lost my right hand… i should pay more attention.

this is one of the drawings for my solo show ‘indoor playground’ at the stall gallery in saskatoon.

Indoor Playground
opening :: april 24th friday
chit-chat with me :: april 25th saturday

the Stall Gallery
105-120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone: (306)653-0800

indoor playground :: solo show at the stall gallery

indoor playground show poster

i’m doing a solo show at the stall gallery, a new gallery in the farmer’s market building at the river landing site in saskatoon. the opening is tonight (april 24th). the show is titled ‘indoor playground’. i’m showing more than 20 color pencil drawings, as well as 3 larger posters done in markers and a series of small drawings done in markers called ‘oppai ABCs’ (‘ABC’s of breastfeeding’).

i hope the opening will be fun for kids and kids-at-heart. DJ Charley Hustle will be performing. there will be some sweet treats for children of all ages. we’ll put out some blank paper so everyone can do some drawing together. my son elijah will be there and he’ll be doing some drawing too.

on saturday april 25th i’m doing an artist talk from 1pm-2pm in the stall gallery. you can come and ask me easy questions and i’ll try to answer. the show runs until may 24th. hope you can make it!

Indoor Playground
opening :: april 24th friday
chit-chat with me :: april 25th saturday 1~ 2pm

the Stall Gallery
105-120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone: (306)653-0800

frog, paper, scissors


believe or not, i’m getting ready for a solo show at the stall gallery here in saskatoon.  the show opens on april 24th, friday.  this is one of the drawings in the show.

the show is titled ‘indoor playground’.  i’m hoping that this show will be a nice mix of fun atmosphere and eclectic drawings.

Indoor Playground
opening :: april 24th friday
chit-chat with me :: april 25th saturday

the Stall Gallery
105-120 Sonnenschein Way
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone: (306)653-0800

CFCR art auction fundraiser

‘snail’s journey’ (8 x 10″)

i’m offering this drawing for the CFCR art auction fundraiser.  CFCR is saskatoon’s community radio station and this art auction is an important way people can support them.  other local artists are also taking part, so if you’re around in saskatoon today, please come out and show your support for CFCR.


“Artist for Alternative Radio”
community radio’s 6th annual art auction
CFCR Art Auction Fundraiser

7:00pm – viewing, silent auction, and reception
8:30pm – live auction

tickets: $25 per person ($15 tax receipt)

November 15, Saturday at Riverside Golf and Country Club
3180 Grasswood Road West
Saskatoon SK