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i’ve made a pocket version of my amigurumi storybook, ‘the boring life of spencer, the ennui dog’.  it’s a children’s story for adults, with love, adventure, a 3-headed duck and a little backstabbing.  it’s available now in my online shop.  and i’ll be showing it at the fringe festival here in saskatoon, starting tonight.

back in 2006 i was invited to take part in an art book fair at aka gallery in saskatoon.  i’d just started this blog.  my first solo show of drawings was opening soon and i was still drawing for that show.  the art book fair was scheduled just a week after my show opening.  i didn’t have a book of drawings, or any other book to show.  but i wanted to take part, so of course i said ‘yes’.

i’d already been making a few amigurumi animals, but i didn’t have a story.  so i sat down a couple of nights after my show opening and wrote a story.  i spent a couple of days going around town taking photos with my amigurumi (it was super-cold, some of the “special effects” were hard to get right, i had to go to value village to find a pink jeep for the big ending).  paul and i stayed up late one night to do the layout and i got it printed the next day, at an office printing shop.  i bolted the pages together and took it right to the art book fair.

everyone seemed to really enjoy the spencer book.  that summer i brought it to the fringe festival and people were lining up in front of my table to read it, bringing their friends over.  i thought about getting it printed professionally but it seemed like too much trouble.  i always meant to make a smaller, affordable version of the book, but life kept getting busier and that never happened.  i did design a set of ‘spencer’ postcards that i’ve been showing at the fringe festival and selling in my online shop.  and the 3-headed maximum team power duck doll who played the bad guy in the book, made an appearance as part of a show i did at the mendel art gallery.

well, now i’ve finally made a mini-version of the spencer book that you can buy and take home with you.  it’s roughly 4 x 6 inches in size, so you can carry it in your pocket.  just take it out and read it when you need a little laugh. or you can come to my blog and read the whole story here. click the thumbnails to view the pages at full size or click the link below to launch a slideshow.

[nggallery id=spencerbook]

i’m taking part in the saskatoon fringe festival again this year, starting tonight until august 8th.  it’ll be the 4th time i’ve showed there in 5 years.  i’ll be selling this petit spencer book as well as my prints and postcards.  come on down to broadway avenue to meet me.  i’m planning to attend as many days as i can.  i’ll probably have elijah with me for some of the time, since he’s having a very emotional separation anxiety these days.

hope to see you there!

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thank you everyone for ordering at plastique monkey SHOP. i will be on holiday for a few weeks, starting next saturday (29th december). i’ve already pre-posted updates for the blog, so there will still be new things on this page during that time. but i’ll be in japan, so i won’t be able to ship anything from the shop until i get back, january 15th.

plastique monkey SHOP will still be accepting orders, but december 27th will be the last shipping day until the 15th of january.

when i come back, there will be some new items in my SHOP. i made a bunch of new prints, including some of the heart + a trunk body series. i made them for my show at cafe pause in tokyo coming up in january. they look great, so i’d like to add them to my SHOP for sale as well.

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(click the image to view close up)

the title is “mama-brand breast milk”. the round thing on the left is my vicious breast. my breasts are pretty wild nowadays… shooting milk all over the place.

this is one of my matchbox drawings for a group show coming up at double punch gallery in san francisco in november. i was contacted by the curator, antoinette celes. the show is called “tinyshop“. everything has to be tiny. the maximum size for this show is 6 x 6″. so i thought match boxes would be just the right size.

i really had a good time drawing these tiny things. i was asked to make five pieces, but i got carried away and made a bunch more. drawing matchbox covers is good for my mental health. it’s massaging my brain really well.

(click the image to view close up)

about tinyshop

double punch gallery presents tiny shop, a pop-up shop curated by Antoinette Celes, showcasing original art and handmade goods by artists, designers and creatives working in the medium of small.

As the world moves bigger, faster and stronger, we occasionally seek comfort in little things. tinyshop celebrates the preciousness of “mini” — the shortest distance between 2 points, the space of minutiae, and creative endeavors on a small scale.

tinyshop will run from November 17, 2007 through January 6, 2008, at double punch gallery in San Francisco’s North Beach district. Special events will be held throughout the shop’s lifespan, pondering the tiny theme. Fun-spirited folks and magnifying glasses are most welcome.

my profile page on tinyshop

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it looks like this “internal drawings” postcard set is one of the popular items from my shop. most of my drawings are basically “internal” theme. it was hard to choose, but i picked out six drawings to make this set. they are “inside of me”, “happy muscle knitting”, “after all”, “my secret elephant”, “inseparable”, and “proxy”. in all of these drawings, you can see what’s happening inside of my body.

you can view the images as a slideshow by clicking the thumbnails then clicking “previous” and “next”.

i also made prints of these drawings, except “happy muscle knitting”. the prints are also available in my shop. a lot of people seem to like “happy muscle knitting”, so i’m planning to make a print of that one too.

i went to the print shop yesterday to pick up my new order of prints and i’ll be going to another print shop this afternoon to pick up more postcards. this way, i can keep my stock high, so they’ll be ready to send right away if you order something.

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(click the image to enlarge)

i’m finally getting my shop together. along with other things, i’m making prints of some of my favorite drawings. paul and i made a lightbox and took high-resolution digital photos of the drawings. my drawings are all figures against an empty background, since i don’t like to draw backgrounds (when you look at someone you love, you don’t see the background anyway). so paul erased the image of the plain paper, leaving the figures against a white or a pale neutral background.

if you’ve seen my one of my drawing videos, you know that i use lots of different color pencils, even just to make a skin color. you can’t really see the all the details online, even in the larger images. the new prints will be made from image files that are 15-20 times larger than the biggest files i put up online. it’s still not quite real life, but you can actually see the different colors coming together.

you can click this image to see a full-size crop (360K file):

i had some trial prints made at a local print shop. they’re using pigment inks on heavy (285 gram) watercolor paper. the inks are UV inks that are supposed to last 100 years without fading (how do they know that?), and the paper is acid-free. i’m making prints in 3 sizes: small (8.5×11″), medium (11×14″) and large (16×20″). the large prints are about the same size as the originals.

everything will be an open edition, because i want as many people as possible to see my work, and the originals for these are not for sale. these are really digital reproductions, not handmade art prints, so i don’t plan to charge too much. they’ll all be signed by me.

i got some sample prints on friday, and i’m very happy with the result. the larger prints are especially nice to look at. it’s nice to be able to look closely at my drawing images without worrying about damaging the originals. i’m always a bit nervous about that.

i’m planning to sell prints online in my shop, and also in person in saskatoon. next saturday (september 9) is the broadway street fair, and i’ve been invited to set up a table to show my work. one week later (september 16), i’m taking part in another street festival, called “the edge”, on 20th street. since it’s called “the edge”, i’m thinking about making my hair stand up on end for that day.

come out and see me if you can!

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