eric whitacre :: sleep

eric whitacre

choral superstar eric whitacre conducted the vocalessence chorus & ensemble singers, the st. olaf choir, and the 160-voice minnesota high school honors choir in a performance of “sleep”–part of the sold-out vocalessence “eric whitacre extravaganza” on march 22, 2009 at orchestra hall, minneapolis.

lying in his bed last night, elijah said:


“mama, close the door. make it dark. come in together (in the blanket)? elijah give you a hug. played a lot today. bought a digger, before that, ate soup. before that, took a bath. it was fun. how come we sleep. strange. don’t understand…”

oyasumi, elijah-kun.

the electric company :: ‘C is for CA’

the electric company

today, elijah turned 18 months old.  he hasn’t learned to sleep through the night yet.  i’m writing this post at 10:30pm and he’s already woken up once since 7:30 pm.   he called me saying ‘mama~, mama~’.  when i went into his bed room, he was just about to open the door (now he sleeps in his bed, not a crib.  so he can come out of his room anytime!).  he said to me “that way!  thay way! (pointing at the rocking chair).  SIT DOWN!  OPPAI~ (breasts)”.  i nursed him and asked him “bed?”.  he walked up on the bed and i sang to him and he fell asleep.

elijah has learned all the letters of the alphabet and most of the numbers (1 -9) in nice mixture of japanese and english.  he started to say some adjectives and phrases as well.

every night, before he falls asleep, he recites some of the words he knows.  it goes like this:

(elijah)”acchi [that], kocchi [this], docchi [which]? dump truck, garbage truck, dump truck, garbage…  mail truck, ookii truck.  papa.  truck, big truck.  digger~ (with hand gesture).  mama~ dai~ [i love you] (gives me a hug).  utau~ utau [sing].  kon kon, OKAY~! [then i sing ‘yuki ya konko’].  are?  are? naine~ [hm? hmm?  there isn’t…].  atta! [i found it!] panda!  sleeping…  blanket, blanket (he covers panda with a blanket).  sheeee…..  wawa [water], hoshii, hoshii [want].  ageru~ [give].  that way, that way…  kitchen.  bye bye~!”

(me) “do you want me to go?  okay, i’ll be in the kitchen. daijyobu [it’ll be okay].  i’ll be back and check on you later. (all in japanese)”.

(elijah)”daijyo-bu.  bye bye”

(me)”oyasumi [good night].”

(elijah) “o,ya,su~mi”

(me) “shimeruyo [i’ll close the door.]”

(ellijah)”shimeruyo, bye bye”

[i close the door]

(elijah) GYA~~~~~~ (crying…)

[i come back to his room]

(elijah) “star~star~…twinkle, OKAY~! (then i sing ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ in english).  “tokei [clock], OKAY! (then i sing ‘my grandfather’s clock’ in japanese).  kira kira, OKAY! (then i sing ‘twinkle~’ in japanese)”.

a few more songs later, he falls asleep…

C is for Calm down, elijah.

today’s elijah :: slept through the night…for the first time!

mr. elijah, 363 day-old baby, has finally slept through the night. i put him to bed at 6:30 pm and he woke up at 4:54 am! during the night he was awake for awhile and talking to himself, but he went back to sleep. our boy learned to go back to sleep on his own.

only 3 times in his entire life has he slept more than two or three hours in a row. one day in august when he was two and a half months old, he slept for seven hours straight. we kept him up most of the night before, because we had to pack for a trip and catch an early morning flight. then there were two days in march when he was nine and a half months old when he slept five hours and four hours in a row. otherwise, he was up every two or three hours every single night.

last night, i was really tired so i went to bed early at 10 pm. i woke myself up in a panic at 2:44 am. i couldn’t believe the time i thought i must have slept through elijah crying. i went to the living room, where paul was awake working on a project. he told me that elijah was still sleeping quietly, more than 8 hours since he went to bed. we decided to go check on elijah just to make sure he was still alive.

he was sound asleep. it looked like he had rolled over to change his sleeping position, but he kept sleeping. we snuck out of the room happily. my right breast was swollen like the planet earth from not feeding for this long. it started to shoot milk a little; i think it was crying milky tears.

i felt so much better sleeping five hours straight for the first time in a long time and was so excited that he’s sleeping that i couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile. can anyone rock me to sleep?

i heard him talking (not crying) at 4:54 am. he was looking for my breasts so i nursed him. i put him down even though he was awake. i left the room, but i didn’t hear a thing after that.

he woke up at 6:30 am for his breakfast. he was chanting ‘manma! manma! (food)”. he looked very happy that i was happy.

i can wait

(click the image to view close up)

me and my ladybug. i think she’s sleeping…

a ladybug landed on my stomach while i was walking to my friend’s house the other day. i had to be careful not to disturb it. i made it all the way there, but when i told my friend to look, the ladybug flew away…

freshly drawn yesterday.

UPDATE: i’ve made prints of this drawing, available in my SHOP.