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“A stop motion animation with ping pong balls, 2000 pictures, 500 balls and my hands”. Includes versions of classic video games.

Music: “Popcorn” by Hot Butter

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bespin tale

this is beautiful. music by mogwai.

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minilogue is a duo, sebastian mullaert and marcus henriksson from sweden. sebastian is a trained classical musician. marcus is a dj. with their talents combined, they creates such beautiful sounds.

i really like listening to microhouse and minimal techno. when i like something, i tend to get stuck on it. recently i’ve been listening to kompakt (especially “total 7″), again and again.

minilogue are about to release their first album. it’s a double cd with a dvd, including this video, made by hinge design. this week, i’ve been listening to some of the songs that minilogue have already released, before this album, i really like their sounds and their moods. i think minilogue will be my fav for awhile.

here’s another video for a minilogue song called “hitchhiker’s choice”. it’s made by stop-motion animation of drawings done with markers on a whiteboard. the artist is kristofer ström, also from sweden. this video is so much fun — i especially like when his finger turns into a pen. it’s become a big hit on youtube. i think it will also be on the new minilogue album and DVD.

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jan svankmajer

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