under the sun

(click the image to view close up)

we’ve got nothing to hide.

freshly drawn today.

originally i was going to draw a monohoshi zao to hang my skin, but nodoca-san’s photo inspired me to draw a laundry hanger instead. he’s one of my favorite photographers on flickr. he takes photos of everyday objects and places that are forgotten. his photos show that they have lives. his photos are sad, lonely and tasty. they make me want to give a big hug. i love what he sees. he’s also a graphic designer. you can see his designs on his website.

speaking of “under the sun”, there’s a song i like called “under the sun” by the junior boys. you can listen to a sample.

i got to see the junior boys play live in kingston back in spring 2005. they played songs from their amazing first album, last exit. i was just so happy. it’s a great album to listen to, driving at night in the rain, i think.