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time is passing

(via videosift)

this is a beautiful timelapse movie made in edinburgh by ewen meldrum. the filming and editing style is a tribute to ron fricke, who directed koyaanisqatsi.

the music is by philip glass, the first movement of his violin concerto. his music was also used in koyaanisqatsi.

the year is almost over, and my blog is almost one year old. it’s been a great year! but it’s hard to believe how much time has passed. thank you for visiting and looking at my random thoughts, and thanks for your comments and messages. i hope the next year is even more fun around here…

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(click the image to view close up)

a plastic nurse doll that i found at a $1 store in kingston. i don’t think the company that made the dolls paid any attention to details. so they all look a bit off. i think that’s the attractive part of these cheap dolls. i bought three of these nurse dolls.

i took this photo in front of the fridge in the middle of night. “be nice or leave. thank you” is a magnet that someone gave me.

i used to say “nice” a lot. i still do. nice, nice.

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