3 am

this drawing is for a group show titled ‘100 stories’ at hosfelt gallery in NYC, april 11th to may 31st. you can sneak a peek at the show on the gallery’s website and read about it on todd hosfelt’s blog.

it was also mentioned on the juxtapoz blog last saturday. exciting!

hosfelt gallery
531 w 36th street,
new york

my first time

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i’ve been staying up late drawing for my show at compound gallery in portland (opening november 1st). i’ve done 13 drawings so far. i only started drawing for this show at the end of september, so i’ve had to work pretty hard, for a change. i think i’m going to submit 9 or 10 of them to be included in the show.

this is my favorite of my new drawings. it’s called “my first time”.

iron deficiency (final version)


it needed more veins…

i wanted this girl to look stoned, but i’ve never been stoned before so it’s hard for me to imagine the feeling. she ended up just looking sleepy — a feeling i know very well.

i need more practice.

since i got pregnant, i can hear my pulse clearer than ever, and my veins have been growing all over me. i can see my veins running across my skin so clearly, they’re like a tattoo. i don’t have any tattoos on my body, but i’m enjoying looking at my temporary tattoo.

you can view the process of this drawing:

art recipe 1
art recipe 2
art recipe 3

16 x 20″