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elijah is now on video! we bought a camcorder last week to record him. we could see elijah was almost ready to walk.sunday, elijah grabs his pushcart and off he goes! his first steps on his own. we were so surprised.


paul made it into a video and uploaded it to vimeo. music: willis jackson – nuther’n like thuther’n

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watanabe mari

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i just wrote an email wishing happy tuesday. and i realized it’s still monday. i’m still sick and my brain is not working yet…
anyhoo, happy monday with italian spiderman.

via videosift

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stunning short film made by students at ESMA school of the arts, in montpellier, france. it won the school’s top prize for student film.

i don’t usually like 3D computer animation, but this is beautiful. and even more, i like the 2D side-to-side animation style during the storytelling.

the story is based on an apache myth, about a time when the sky was too low and men had to walk bent over, looking down at their feet. an elder of the tribe sits around the campfire with the children and tells them this story. his voice is so warm and interesting, you’ll want to watch right to the end to see how the story turns out.

the whole thing is absolutely beautiful, like something by miyazaki hayao. it’s going to be my favorite for a long time.

(via the always amazing DeK at ticklebooth)

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bespin tale

this is beautiful. music by mogwai.

via videosift.

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i lived on the moon

a very beautiful trip into pure imagination, by yannick puig. this is a music video for kwoon.

In “I lived on the moon”, a father speaks to his son. He explains how was his life on the moon. A place filled with flying snakes, fireflies and three tailed monkeys. A beautiful place, safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place in which you’ll find the entrance only if you open your mind.

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“requiem for a jerk”

From the film “Le Pacha”, directed by Georges Lautner

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“Sailors — Friends, Lovers, or Husbands”

amazing music, beautiful film.

i still can’t believe this video has only one vote on videosift… well, it should get three votes. because paul, elijah and i love it!

jacques demy
michel legrand

watch this video on videosift.

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mr. wind’s solitude

it was windy yesterday. i bet this guy was walking around in saskatoon…

via mlx on videosift

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video promo commissioned by 679 Recordings for Beggin’ (Pilooski re-edit) by frankie valli and the four seasons.

i love this tune and nice video work by cyriak! i think i’m going to sing this song in my head all day.

via maudlin from videosift.

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