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they are all handstitched freehand. “severe pain” is written on their heads in kanji. the heads are attached to a wristband, so you can wear them on your wrist. i didn’t cut a buttonhole yet, so you can adjust the wristband to your size.

i handstitch pretty much everything i make. i like the work but sometimes it causes shoulder pain and boredom. so i thought i should give this pain to something else. that way, i can stay painless!!

i made an original version about six months ago. the first batch looked pathetic. but this time, they gained power. they all look like they’re really in severe pain. only one exception: the orange one is smiling, so he looks like he’s enjoying the pain. well, that’s good too.

this severe pain pin cushion will help keep your sewing time happy and pain-free. for sale as soon as my shop is ready…

*UPDATE* now you can buy this severe pain pin cushions in my online SHOP.

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this is my amigurumi wrist band. isn’t he adorable? he is so cute that he makes me want to kiss him. i’ve been crocheting on and off for three years now. i still don’t like to add amigurumi arms and legs. i think they are unnecessary features.

when you are lonely, just move your arm up and down to your lips. you’ll get instant comfort.

make sure noboby’s watching you.

this is a maximum secret activity.

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